Learn how Enrolr has simplified enrollment for BGC Saskatoon

Online Registration Made Simple.

Enrolr Fully Modernizes Your Entire Registration Process
Enrolr optimizes and simplifies the online registration process. Built in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon, Enrolr saves you time and money while providing a simple registration process to your customers whether they are on a mobile device or desktop computer.

How It Works

Enrolr Provides Solutions for All Online Registration Processes

Enhanced efficiency

Save time with data entry and payment processing since everything is done online.

Clear visibility

At a glance, your clients can see if spaces are left for a class, and you can see if you need to reallocate your resources to handle the demand.

No more incomplete forms

Stop scanning paper forms as PDFs and enjoy simple online registration that prompts users to fill out all fields before they can submit a registration form or application.

Secure hosting

All data from the forms are stored in Canada and conform to rigorous international standards for security and privacy.

Get Going Faster

If you are in charge of collecting forms, you know what a pain it can be if there are incomplete fields, missing data, and forgotten signatures. Enrolr puts an end to that. 

Our simple tool requires applicants to fill out every field before they can move to the next screen or hit submit. This means no more blank fields, forgotten signatures, or missing payment information – when you get your form submitted, you know you are good to go.
"Enrolr has increased efficiency within our team - we save so much time with data entry and payment processing. It's all done online!"
Tracy Skinner
Finance & Payroll Manager, BGC Saskatoon

How It Works

Enrolr Has the Tools You Need for Accurate, Streamlined Registration

Accurate Forms

As the administrator, you determine exactly what fields you want to be filled out

Complete Information

Those filling out forms cannot move to the next page or be submitted if there are key blank fields

Save Time

No more manually scanning and entering information from old paper forms – now everything is automated and digital

Customer Convenience

Modernise your operations and give your customers the kind of ease and convenience they are looking for

Full Visibility

Easily see how your registration process is proceeding. See which classes are full and which need additional instructors.

Mobile Solutions

Your customers can fill out forms both on a desktop, a tablet, and even a smartphone

Enrolr Registration Just Works. It's Great For All Types Of Organizations!

Boys and Girls Clubs

Designed with BGC Saskatoon, this program is perfect for Boys and Girls Clubs around the world.


Enrolr can handle registration of any kind. Swimming lessons, Fitness Classes, Child Care and more.

Youth Camps

Perfectly tailored to Youth Camps, Enrolr can handle sports camps, bible camps, science camps, cooking camps, camp camps....

Sports Organizations

Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Badminton, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Pickleball, Squash, Racketball, Golf, Cricket, Mini Golf, Bowling - you get the point. Enrolr can handle it.

Created In Partnership with BGC Saskatoon

We set out to alleviate the Boys and Girls Club pain points with registration, we can do the same for you!

Improve your customer experience
Optimize internal operations
Completely customizable solution
Streamline processes


Works with all major NA banks

Client FeedBack

Enrolr was Built in Partnership with BGC Saskatoon

Wanda Desjardins

CEO, BGC Saskatoon
"I would recommend Enrolr to any organization that handles registration forms, whether it is sports registrations, camps or daycares. Enrolr has been worth every penny."

Tracy Skinner

Finance & Payroll Manager, BGC Saskatoon
"Missing registration forms, missing information, parents/attendants submitting forms without signatures or without payment information. All solved with Enrolr."

Lindsay Robinet

Director of Early Years Programs, BGC Saskatoon
"It used to take 20 to 30 minutes for an employee to enter all of the details - now with Enrolr it is handled quickly and accurately by the attendants online either using mobile, tablet or desktop"

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