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About enrolr

Modernizing the registration process.

Our story

Being a Managed Services Provider for BGC Saskatoon, we fell into discussion over the need for a better way to handle their current registration and enrolment process.

Much to their delight, Rivercity Technology Services Ltd. was able to accommodate such a request as we also have a highly talented internal Software Development team.

Working hand in hand we were able to design a modern and highly customizable solution that met their every need. The solution was so well received, it was noted how it could help other organizations out there who are still handling things via PDF's, old access databases, or even pen and paper.

Enrolr was born, and we are excited to bring this solution to those organizations.

Hey look, it's us!

Meet the Enrolr team

Mitch Redekopp

Kevin Koehler

Erik Hjelte

Ridwan Raji

Paul Friesen

Client FeedBack

Enrolr was Built in Partnership with BGC Saskatoon

Wanda Desjardins

CEO, BGC Saskatoon
"I would recommend Enrolr to any organization that handles registration forms, whether it is sports registrations, camps or daycares. Enrolr has been worth every penny."

Tracy Skinner

Finance & Payroll Manager, BGC Saskatoon
"Missing registration forms, missing information, parents/attendants submitting forms without signatures or without payment information. All solved with Enrolr."

Lindsay Robinet

Director of Early Years Programs, BGC Saskatoon
"It used to take 20 to 30 minutes for an employee to enter all of the details - now with Enrolr it is handled quickly and accurately by the attendants online either using mobile, tablet or desktop"

Modernize your system.
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Accurate, streamlined payments and registration. This is Enrolr.
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