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$40/Per Month
Unlimited administrators with role based permissions
Enrolr Attendance Module for automated billing creation
Unlimited event creation and enrolments
Branded registration pages for your attendants
Fully customizable platform - make the custom fields that you require
Ideal for organizations with multiple locations
Built in reporting on all your favorite metrics
Built in payment processing system

Client FeedBack

Enrolr was Built in Partnership with BGC Saskatoon

Wanda Desjardins

CEO, BGC Saskatoon
"I would recommend Enrolr to any organization that handles registration forms, whether it is sports registrations, camps or daycares. Enrolr has been worth every penny."

Tracy Skinner

Finance & Payroll Manager, BGC Saskatoon
"Missing registration forms, missing information, parents/attendants submitting forms without signatures or without payment information. All solved with Enrolr."

Lindsay Robinet

Director of Early Years Programs, BGC Saskatoon
"It used to take 20 to 30 minutes for an employee to enter all of the details - now with Enrolr it is handled quickly and accurately by the attendants online either using mobile, tablet or desktop"

Frequently Asked Questions

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Enrolr is an online program registration tool that is provided as an easy to use web application.

It serves as an program and event registration tool that streamlines the application and form filling process so program hosts can save time when collecting registrations and filling programs, teams or other events.

It was designed to save small organisations like community groups and youth clubs time, money, and effort when they send out and collect registration forms.
Enrolr was created by River City Tech in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon. This tool was created after the organization experienced the normal frustrations of conducting registrations for events like youth sports and community classes – forms were incomplete, those filling out the forms had questions about what to do, and a lot of time was spent by admin staff to handle the forms and complete the registration process.

With Enrolr, many of these tasks are now automated and the sign-up and registration process is a breeze.
Enrolr operates as an online tool that allows program coordinators to create their programs and events simply, while having attendees sign up simply from any device.

This eliminates missing fields and inaccurate information, as well as puts an end to the need to scan and decipher PDFs, and gives both customers and administrators clear visibility into capacity and attendant information.
Enrolr is perfect for organizations that send out and collect forms, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA's, schools, colleges, and athletic associations.
Of course! Simply schedule a free demo and see how Enrolr can save your organization time, money and headaches!

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